Fund Management

Imorendimento exclusively designs, constitutes and manages Real Estate Investment Organizations (OIC), either in the form of real estate investment funds (FII) or real estate investment companies (SICAFI).

Imorendimento is recognized for its skills in the dynamic management and strategic repositioning of assets, leveraging existing business opportunities in order to turn them into concrete operations.

In the area of investment management, it is part of a team with extensive experience in the management of OIC, having been awarded twice, in 2009 and 2010, by the IPD, the international reference in real estate investment measures, for the return generated in managed FIIs.

The investment management team, an area that covers everything from asset management to identifying real estate development opportunities and ICO management, offers local know-how of each market and investment management strategies marked by solidity and state of the art. art. Its structure, light and dynamic, is characterized by agility and efficiency, being focused on maximizing returns for investors, being absolutely independent and experienced in the management of ICO.

Imorendimento operates in compliance with all the rules established by the regulators in each market.

Its executives were or are responsible for setting up, managing and raising capital for regulated investment structures domiciled in Portugal, London, Luxembourg and Jersey, among others.