Imorendimento is a private asset manager company that has nearly more than 20 years of experience investing in real estate. On behalf of its clients, institutional and family office, Portuguese and international, acquires, develops and manages all major property types. Having an investment analysis team with proven track record, Imorendimento provides services of finding investment opportunities, design real estate programs as well as select vehicles tailored to the investment characteristics and the investor's profile. Also supports the definition of the optimal capital structure, participating, if required, in attracting partners and in raising debt, and defining the exit strategy. Imorendimento has capability and expertise to find the right property, negotiate, carry out due diligences and complete acquisitions. Imorendimento provides real estate investment consultancy supporting deals for separate accounts of clients.

Imorendimento manages investment vehicles (funds or other structures), portfolios, properties (including facility management) and also the leasing and letting processes. These management services are provided for its under management vehicles and for third parties vehicles. Imorendimento also provides management consultancy. Systematically focused on properties that meet market and future requirements, manage them on an ongoing basis and continually align them with market needs. Quality risk management is an integral part of the structure of each portfolio, allowing Imorendimento to constantly monitor the optimal risk/return profile

Specialist in the asset management of and investment in shopping centres, retail parks, standalone retail units, offices, logistic and warehouses properties both in prime and secondary locations.

Fund Management

Imorendimento is recognized for its skills in dynamic management and strategic asset repositioning, leveraging existing opportunities and transforming them into real operations. In what concerns investment management, it integrates a team having a comprehensive expertise in managing property funds and was awarded twice, both and 2009 and 2010, in recognition of the returns generated by funds managed, award given by IPD, the international leading company for property investment performance measurement.

The investment management team - an area that covers asset management, sourcing development opportunities and fund and other investment vehicles management – has local know-how of each market and delivers robust and sophisticated investment management strategies. Its flexible and dynamic structure assures efficiency and effectiveness, being focused in maximising returns for investors and being absolutely independent and experienced in fund management.

Imorendimento operates in compliance with the requirements and standards established by national regulators in each market. The Executive management team has a comprehensive expertise in establishing, managing and sourcing capital for property investment vehicles regulated and domiciled in Portugal, London, Luxembourg and Jersey, amongst others.

Investment Services

With over 20 years experience in property investment, Imorendimento is a reliable and preferred partner and real estate service provider. It has a comprehensive expertise and is recognized for its competence in establishing funds and other vehicles for property investment, sourcing the best opportunities at each moment and being capable to adapt to several different environments.

Recognized as one of the leading players in the Portuguese property investment industry, Imorendimento stands out for its know-how and understanding regarding both the Portuguese and other relevant international markets, establishing long term privileged relationships with key players operating in these markets. The company is also renowned by the ability to complete operations according to strategic planning and timings established, as well as for presenting efficient and added value solutions in the areas of acquisitions and disposals, sourcing equity and debt, always considering, in addition, tax efficiency.

Imorendimento integrates a team experienced and fully committed to the property market, in its several segments, and having a comprehensive knowledge of the entire chain value of this industry, local market know-how and sophisticated investment strategies. Combined with a successful track record and a wide knowledge and local partners, Imorendimento’s team skills allow the company to have a privileged and successful position in property investment.

Property Management

Active Services comprehends a dedicated team of professionals for managing property assets, including shopping centres, retail parks, business centres, stand alones and high street retail units.

The range of services provided by Active Services stands out for its flexibility and ability to adapt to clients’ different needs, both in terms of commitment and specific nature of the properties, and being as comprehensive as the asset requires to be.

Services provided include:

Global Management Service
It involves a team fully dedicated to the property, which operates across all relevant management areas.

Facility Management
Having a recognized track record and a wide experience of efficient management, generating continuous savings thus meeting the service level demanded by owners, clients and end users. It comprises the management of service providers contracts, environmental sustainability program implementation, management and works car­ried out and improvements.

Marketing and Letting Services
Based on the understanding that marketing and letting management is a critical fac­tor for the success of property, this service includes market research, marketing strategies and lease agreement with brands established in Portugal and internationally.

Car Parking Management and Services

APARC is a car parking operator with over 10 years experience.

The company is present in the most important Portuguese cities, managing 9 car parking facilities with a total of 5.395 parking spaces generating an annual traffic of about 3.740.000 vehicles.
APARC offers a range of professional services able to deliver innovative solutions adjusted to its clients. Based in a management model focused in achieving a profitable and sustainable operation. APARC services:

“100% by APARC”
An integrated management solution of car parking facilities, this is the turnkey customized solution, providing the best advantages for owners.

“Equipped by APARC”
For owners that daily manage their car parking facilities, APARC offers a wide range of equipments that enhance comfort, safety and profitability.

APARC integrates a specialized team that, through a communication plan fitted to each client, increases awareness and attractivity.

APARC offers its full expertise and know-how to improve and optimize third parties car parking operation.